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Vegetables Accidentally: The Story

How it all began...accidentally.

Vegetables Accidentally—both the book and the philosophy— is a product of my roots. I have a fabulously food-loving family. If it has to do with food, we love it: that includes cooking, experimenting, eating, sharing, talking and growing food.

My family has large gardens, and those who garden know that whatever is in season is plentiful! I learned the art of creatively disguising fruit and veggies into delicious meals quite honestly, through my parents and grandparents, as I was raised at a tricky table myself.

Essentially, I was brought up in the sly spirit of Vegetables Accidentally…accidentally. Although my family never named the concept, they have always cooked and eaten in this way.

I too have always loved to cook and spend time in the kitchen. Since I left home and began cooking for myself, I was continually trying to squeeze extra fruit and vegetables into meals and recipes, whether evidently or accidentally. I often took the liberty of imposing these mischievous meals on others. When a suspicious family member tried to root out my dinnertime deceptions, I feigned innocence—‘Oops! How’d that get in there?’—and over laughter and a modestly honest disclosure, the term ‘Vegetables Accidentally’ was born.

The plot and philosophy of Vegetables Accidentally has lived within me for many years, but the book has only come to life (and bookstores!) in 2013. This project has been a fun, funny and fulfilling creative labor. The rest of the story can be gleaned through the pages of Vegetables Accidentally. It is my personal belief that cooking—although a routine undertaking of everyday life—should be a fun task, enjoyed and shared widely with circles of family and friends.

Disclaimer: The content of Vegetables Accidentally, both the cookbook and the website, are meant for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Readers and visitors should seek their own professional medical advice before starting or altering any health or dietary plan. Neither this book, nor website, nor their contents have been endorsed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Vegetables Accidentally: About the Author

Merrin McGregor

Merrin McGregor is the author and creator of Vegetables Accidentally. She is known among friends and family for her indefatigable love of all things food and cooking. She wrote Vegetables Accidentally while living in the San Francisco Bay Area (well known for its food culture!) By day, Merrin is a communications professional based in Toronto, Canada. She spends many blissfully-happy hours in the kitchen and considers chopping vegetables while enjoying a glass of wine to be among life’s greatest forms of relaxation. Go on...try it!

Merrin was raised on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada, where she was brought up cooking and eating the accidental way. As a kid, she was known to go missing from the house, only to be found 'sneaking' fresh peas from the garden. Clearly she was up to her veggie tricks from an early age.  

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Furtive Faves

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crafty course  |  brunch

tricky treat  |  chocolate-covered raisins

deceitful dessert  |  any with fresh fruit
    photo credit; Meighen McGregor

'I hope this book will inspire the kitchen con-artist in you, increase fruit and veggie consumption in your family, and motivate you to become an Accidental Cook. Pass it on!'

                    ~Yours accidentally, Merrin