Who ever ate a vegetable accidentally?

posted Mar 23, 2013, 3:23 PM by Merrin McGregor   [ updated Jul 14, 2013, 11:09 PM ]

What exactly is 'Vegetables Accidentally'?  

Seriously, who ever ate a vegetable unintentionally? You might be surprised that it's very possible, very easy and very delicious! Vegetables Accidentally is a philosophy of cooking and eating, in which tasty meals are ‘accidentally’ filled with fruits and vegetables. These recipes ‘sneak’ extra cups of fruit and vegetables into old and new favorite dishes, designed for family dining and casual entertaining. 

Vegetables Accidentally is principally designed to support the sneaky cook who has the health-interests of family and friends at heart, with an arsenal of recipes to please and nourish. But more than that, Vegetables Accidentally is a philosophy that eliminates the worry about whether you or your family members are getting enough cups of fruit and vegetables each day. This cookbook incorporate fruits and vegetables in a way that is so easy, its practically accidental, emphasizing great flavors and favored ingredients, leaving those unmentionables to go unnoticed, in the background.

Who needs Vegetables Accidentally?

We all do! But...Vegetables Accidentally makes a special effort to win over those resistant family members—you know who they are—by pairing bold, familiar flavors with ingredients from all food groups, in dishes so delicious they won’t even notice the trickery! Kids are often not the only ones who don’t get enough cups each day, so this book has recipes to charm even the most opposed diner, no matter what age!

Vegetables Accidentally recipes are based on the USDA ‘MyPlate’ guidelines, which provide suggestions for daily fruit and vegetable consumption. Most people just aren't eating the recommended amount...unless they’ve adopted an accidental philosophy. In this book, the cup-based measuring system aligns with standard cooking measures and with MyPlate recommendations. 

What's the big secret?

At its core, Vegetables Accidentally is based on the belief that cooking should be fun, overflowing with the spirit of laughter and experimentation. The pages are stuffed with extras to keep you chuckling and conspiring to embrace your accidental attitude:
  • a sneaky title, just for fun 
  • ‘code name’ to ensure your kitchen corruption remains a cook’s best-kept secret
  • fruit and veggie 'cup count' (for your eyes only) 
  • margins filled with quirky facts, helpful hints and a little accidental humor
The Vegetables Accidentally philosophy also keeps the reality of a busy life in mind, by keeping things simple for the busy home cook: 
  • readily available ingredients
  • standard cup-based measurements
  • standard quantities (whole packages or cans)
  • encourages using in-season produce (best flavor, nutritional contents and value!)
  • use measurements generally based on whole pieces of produce (e.g., 1 ‘cup’ is most often equal to 1 piece of fruit)

This is just a short intro to Vegetables Accidentally. Ready for another helping? 

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